HDR Photography


A technique known as HDR photography. Two pictures taken of the same subject of different exposures and then merged to produce a single image with a high dynamic range.

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Baby Video Talk with VIPregnancy.com

Hello again Folks and its been a great so far this year with work and fresh content from my recent post and video for a certain coffee brand called Percol, here is another interview from Veena V at VIPregnancy.com, which I filmed and edited.

This particular interview was filmed off the back of my last VIPregnancy video featuring myself (some people are meant to be behind the camera) for back to work parents and I can tell you that working around the noise within the children’s Museum was an issue I had to seriously consider from the start because the building was busy that day with hundreds of children and parents clambering around and playing within a structure that bounced the audio all over the shop. I used my Sony HD camera handheld and grabbed audio from an external source using a Tie Mic and in camera too, which was a good decision based on the quality of audio from cameras anyway. From my experience, filming an interview is a straight forward exercise provided preparation goes into the choices in editing afterwards and because I was also the editor, I knew which shots I needed to cut from and where to switch camera positions using only one camera setup.

Hard at work

The Sony HD video camera is a very lite camera to hold for long periods of time and because it is a shoulder mounted camera you have an option to move it around into interesting shots you may want. Obviously it films HDV and not full raster HD, but as the filmed interview was for web distribution, that’s not a problem either. I have noticed that the color curves are quite good to match up with other cameras too. In the previously filmed interview with Veena V I had to match up with a Canon 500D and this, I thought would  be a problem, however we both took only seconds to do this job even though I still love the canons look and feel.

In the meantime have a look at the video I filmed for this interview here: Celebrity interview for VIPregnancy and Veena Vee

If anyone would like to know  more about either the Sony HVR HD 1000E or my Canon 550D I would be happy to answer your questions.


 I am itching to film some tutorials and pass what knowledge I myself have to offer in the future, so stay connected with me.



Percol Coffee Commercial


Percol is a well known brand of Coffee in the UK and as a Filmmaker I live on coffee. Finding a coffee that keeps you going during long filming days is a godsend. So, as a filmmaker after xmas with some downtime I decided to make use of my freetime by doing what I love…FILM SOMETHING!
 The Percol coffee spec commercial came about because filming commercials is a particular area that requires a   great deal of time and organisation, plus money to achieve if you want to get 2 things across. First is the need to be creative, engaging and achieve brand awareness…very difficult. If it was that easy, anyone could knock out a commercial, but the best commercials don’t stay with you because of how well they were filmed, although this is an achievement when pulled off. Instead they stay in the viewers and consumers mind by being the only choice for them to make. Consumers make their own minds up but a commercial must inform them by being the only brand choice for them as it connects with their own needs. This is very difficult to pull off even for experienced professional filmmakers relying on briefs from creatives.
My idea for the Percol commercial came purely from a creative need to see if I could produce a commercial for the web using available resources at my disposal that did’nt rely on heavy in camera effects or special CGI post production effects. I wanted to film a commercial that was raw and honest in low budget terms to show the brand for what it is.
I am a small production company in the UK with high production values and being very passionate about the creative side of filmmaking I used available equipment for a small commercial that would deliver Percol coffee’s brand equity to it’s best.
I used a Canon DSLR set at 24fps full HD with an extention adaptor tube for very close up shots on an 18mm to 55mm stock lens. Thats right a stock lens, which feels so plastic I felt I might break it by sneezing.
I used a pre-frabricatted whitebox for the pack shot and practical lighting of a set of 4 X 50w spots aimed at the box and a small fill from another practical on the side. Additional lighting came from the benefits of having a large window that bounced generous amounts of daylight into the set, but even with all this natural lighting at my disposal I will still use a proper light source next time because I still needed to ramp up the curves in post and adjust levels to get the look. 


>VIP TV – Return to work – Part 1


Redbull F1 Racing Part 1

Hi Everyone

For everyone who has read my posts, which are usually short and sweet, I am bringing you a special post today after having finished a draft edit for a client using my new Canon 550D and edited on Edius 5 at Redbull F1 racing team.
What makes this special is two things because my workflow normally consists of HDV and Premiere Pro, but as I have been wanting to go the DSLR route for some time after plugging into Phillip Blooms posts and his posts on Exposure Room and because I am avid fan of the traditional film look frommy early years using dads Super 8mm in the days when it did have sound. The second reason is that I had heard some great things regarding the Edius platform from Grass Valley and being able to work in realtime mixing different formats and the stability of this program, I wanted to try it. I am still a keen user of Premiere Pro and find it very easy to use apart from CS4, but I needed an editing program that would not crash all the time given the new format I was using. I did not use mixed footage for this Redbull shoot, but I will go into this in another post in the future regarding the current edit I am currently working with now.

I have wanted a Canon 550D for some time now after working with my current Sony HD1000 and this was the next natural progression for my workflow plus I was also hearing on a daily basis,’ You’re still working with tape?’, but it was the ability to quicken my workflow with great footage using shallow depth of field, (I started photography at 7 and have loved the look ever since) and uploading files in minutes rather than hours. The canon passed this shoot with flying colours.

I received a call from my client in Munich asking to shoot an interview with former F1 driver Marc Surer at Redbull Racing in Milton Keynes and quicly arranged to turn up myself with lights cameras and a very brief, brief they had given me. They had an iddea to film the shoot Marc inside Redbull’s simulator as he raced around the Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) track and I viewed an example shoot with sebastian Vettel they had in mind. It became clear to me that this was going to be challenging as I soon found out. Remember that I predominately shoot for the web and this Sebastian Vettel film was broadcast standard and I learned how they got the shots on the day.

I turned up with my Sony HD1000 and backup Canon rebel camera, lights and a professional setup I was proud to work with. Point Source productions in Surrey are amazing people, who were able to hook me up with an Arri 300 junior Fresnel kit at short notice with all the trimmings. The penny dropped when I saw the simulator and the size of the room. Imagine trying to setup in a room no bigger than some peoples garage with 6 other professionals and a photographer with his lights as well. Plus, looking at the yaw of the simulator I could see that the height and and space for my lighting would cause untold logistical problems. I just did’nt have the space and height required for getting the shot and I asked Andrew Damerum, Redbull Driver Development Manager how they filmed the Sebastian Vettel interview. He told me that the production had set up a gantry within the room able to get the height and reach to the driver cockpit within the simulator and my heart sank.
I took action with our allocated time slot slipping away and took down the lights and switched over to my Canon 550D with its low level lighting capabilities.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Marketing Seminar video




Just coming to the end of what is to a whole series of video based seminars for the next 2 months. Highly informative and I get free info on expanding and marketing my own business. Currently using 2 Panasonic hvx 200 cameras with a video toaster. I’m desperate to use my other camera a Sony HVR HD 1000 but with the available light and the cameras automatic gain. That’s right, automatic gain on a Sony. Here are some pics.


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